Locations Not working

Jul 18, 2014 at 1:02 PM
I have installed the J Script and the map is showing yet none of the location markers(lat/long) are showing up nor is the map jumping to the appropriate country when I switch on the row filter. Any suggestions? the Lat/Long Columns are hidden on this view but are labeled correctly in the Jscript.
I am not using address so I have omitted them from this post.

var colLinkTitleInternalName = "ows_Survey_x0020_Name";     //will be used as the title of the geo-markers
var colLatitudeInternalName = "ows_Latitude";           //useCoordinates == true
var colLongitudeInternalName = "ows_Longitude";         //useCoordinates == true
var colCountryInternalName = "ows_country";         //useCoordinates == false
var defaultCountryValue = "UK";                 //the default country which will be used if no country-name will be found in the list-column