Post code configuration and adding more fields on preview

Nov 30, 2012 at 10:04 AM


First of all, this is a really cool feature that you guys have developed! It will be really useful for the company I work for, if I can get these last few things sorted!

I have next to no knowledge on Javascript, so if anyone can guide me through this it will be much appreciated.

The issues we are having with the web part are;

Adding more field information to the information shown when you click on the marker - When we select the marker, we currently get the Coordinates and Address brought back. I would like to add more information to this, such as an email address, website link and contact name. 

Unable to find location by post code - As I work for a company in the UK, our customers are mostly based there too. Unfortunately, the UK post codes don't seem to work well with the Zip code (I'm guessing this is due to UK codes having letters and numbers) . It currently can not find the location of a list item by the address and post code, but only by the coordinates. It can find it by the city, but this isn't exactly what we want as it will go to the center of that location.

I hope this makes sense and if anyone can be of help that would be great.