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Project Description
This JavaScript-Solution improves the standard-functionality of SharePoint-Lists. It displays a new Menu-Link in the standard Menu-Toolbar of a SharePoint-List (which contains addresses / coordinates). By clicking this link Google-Maps will be displayed under the SharePoint-List.

Newly added Google-Maps-Functionality for a SharePoint-List


You will find a little video on youtube: 5-Minute-How-To: Using the Basic-SharePoint-Google-Maps-WebPart

5-Minute-How-To: Using the Basic-SharePoint-Google-Maps-WebPart

Why is there another Google-Maps-WebPart?

Imagine you have a standard contact-list in your SharePoint-Teamsite and you simply want to visialize the geographical information which are in your contact-list yet. How do you do that...?

One goal is to search for an existing SharePoint-Solution (Sandboxed-Solution). So send "SharePoint Google Maps WebPart" to your prefered search-engine. You will find a lot of ready-to-use solutions (e.g. or But there is one big disadvantage: You have to install and deploy the SharePoint-Solutions to the SharePoint-Server. And may be you are not a technician or the owner of the SharePoint or don´t have the money to pay for installing this cool new feature...

But do you need to install a SharePoint-Solution to visualize geographical information based on your contact-list? All the Maps-APIs (e.g. Google-Maps) out there could be used with pure JavaScript as well. Basically there is no need to use Server-Code. And JavaScript is something you could paste to a "Content Editor WebPart" (which is a standard SharePoint-WebPart). So why isn´t there a SharePoint-Google-Maps-WebPart out there which uses pure JavaScript? - You got the point.

What are the key benefits of this JavaScript-Solution?

  • It is pure JavaScript (JQuery, Google-Maps-API v3). So you do not have to install server-code (e.g. a SharePoint-Solution or Sandboxed-Solution).
  • Put the JavaScript in a standard SharePoint "Content Editor WebPart" and it will improve the standard functionality of a SharePoint-List.
  • Use standard functionality of SharePoint-Lists (e.g. sorting and filtering of columns) to influence the geographical map-view.

5 Steps to use this SharePoint-Google-Maps-WebPart

  1. Choose a SharePoint-List which contains geographical information (e.g. addresses or coordinates).
  2. Go to the choosen SharePoint-List-View which should be improved by maps-functionality.
  3. Add a standard Content-Editor-WebPart to the choosen SharePoint-List-View.
  4. Add this piece of JavaScript to the newly added Content-Editor-WebPart.
  5. Adjust the configurable JavaScript-Variables at the top of this JavaScript.
  6. Use the improved functionality of the SharePoint-List.
(You will find example configurations in the Documentation)
(If you are a german native speaking people you may be interested in my first blog-entry for this codeplex-project)

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